Tuesday, January 5

QQ Noodle - Cupertino and Milpitas

Once in a while, there's a place in my life for generic, quick, tasty Asian food that is neither healthy nor mind blowing but it hits the spot. QQ Noodle is one of those places. On cold days like these when the thought of dragging myself out the house to grocery shop and then standing in my freezing kitchen to cook something is really off putting, I want a quick soupy fix like QQ Noodle. The following review is a summation of three visits over the last 2 years although the photos are only of my most recent visit.

($4.99) tofu skin salad - the seasoning on this salad was really nice. Very garlicky and mildly acidic. The tofu skin rolls were nice and big.

($4.99) Rouburger - This is like a pulled pork sandwich. While the shredded pork inside is tasty, the bread is dense and a bit cold even though it's toasted. I wish this was served on a softer bun.

QQ Noodle is known for their hand pulled noodles. It's advertised to be made fresh in house. I'm not sure if this is true. Maybe it's made in large batches and used later. The noodle texture in the next two soups didn't taste super fresh to me but they were still good.

($9.25) Pork spare rib noodles - I've ordered this dish twice now and have not regretted it. The spare ribs are really tender and flavorful. The soup is a little on the plain side but I wasn't feeling like eating super spicy. 

(about same price as above) Spicy fish noodle soup - This broth was spicier and I was not a fan. I find that the spice comes from the later addition of chili oil and peppers onto a base broth. It doesn't add much depth of flavor. The pieces of fried fish were great though. I still recommend this dish.

I wouldn't say QQ is the highest quality but it surely does the job. Service is speedy because they basically make what seems like one type of broth and then add different meats and vegetables and flavors to it later. Prices are decent. The portions are huge. One bowl is enough for two filling meals. 

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  1. So delicious!!!
    I'm in love with this qq noodle.
    going to try this out very soon.
    Thanks for sharing.



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