Friday, January 1

Outtakes from Metro News Articles - July through Dec 2015

Starting off 2016 with a post to highlight some great eats I had the pleasure of tasting during the last half of the year. All thanks to my work with It's always nice to love what you do. These were never published in the article. They were the other dishes I ate for my reviews.

Little Chef Group charcuterie platter with a glass of rose in the back 

Shaved fennel and arugula salad 

Green tea creme brulee 

Croque Madame with quail egg

I felt that I judged this place too quickly in my review. I hope to come back in 2016 and give them an updated review.
Poblano honey cornbread 

Fried green tomatoes 

Scallops and risotto

Flounder in beurre blanc 

Peaches, tomatoes, and burrata 

Terrine and pickles

Sauteed broccolini 

Meatballs in marinara 

Wild boar linguini

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