Thursday, October 8

Napa Trip 2015 - Morimoto Napa

Morimoto Napa has not changed much at all since my first visit in 2013. Many of my opinions are the same as 2 years ago as the restaurant's food remains consistently enjoyable. You can see my previous blog post for a more detailed description.

The bakery out front has been replaced with a sake bar which looks like this.

The dining room still bears an earthy theme with decorative branches and tree stump tables.

The menu remains the same and that's a good thing.
 ($8) Salmon Skin Roll
($5) Avocado Roll
We start with two rolls that are standard to every sushi restaurant, the salmon skin roll and avocado roll. Both of these were delicious. The rice was soft and sticky yet you can feel the individual grains.

 ($19) Rock shrimp tempura in wasabi aioli (whitish color) and spicy kochujang sauce (orange color)
These balls of shrimp don't sound or look like much until you taste them. If the wasabi in the aioli is fresh like it is used in other dishes at this restaurant, then it's an added bonus to the already mild spice level and creamy coating on the rock shrimp in the foreground. It was still bested by the kochujang rock shrimp which was an interesting salty, spicy, creamy flavor on crispy tempura and sweet meaty shrimp.

($29) Toro tartare

The toro tartare is a hit again. Another must have.
From left to right:

1) nori - the best sauce. Tastes like seasoned seaweed
2) fresh wasabi
3) sour cream
4) chives
5) avocado
6) rice crispy balls
The best combination is 1 with 6

($28) Sea Urchin Carbonara lunch set (soup not pictured)

This was also another must have from our last visit. Good as usual and there's nothing wrong with that!

($32) Spicy chirashi bowl

Last time we got the regular chirashi bowl which contained a generous helping of sashimi, tamago, and vegetables on top of that same well made sushi rice. This time, I ordered the spicy version which does not have the veggies, and is topped with house made kochujang sauce. Both versions of the chirashi bowl were good but I favor the non-spicy version more because it showcases the flavor of the fish better. 

That's it for lunch at Morimoto Napa. Next up is dinner at Ad Hoc by Thomas Keller.

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