Friday, October 2

Napa Trip 2015 - AirBnB, Madonna Estate Winery, Artesa Winery, The Model Bakery, Bouchon Bakery

Do you feel like you need a vacation from your vacation?

Last weekend, we took a group trip to Napa for the weekend. The AirBnB house our group stayed at had 5 bedrooms and 3 full baths in a great suburban neighborhood with lots of space. In the bathroom hung this picture which I felt is so fitting to my new life as a full time corporate employee, part time food writer, and now full time mother...But if you were here to read about motherhood rants, there's plenty of mommy blogs for your reading. Let's get to travel, food, and wine.

We went to the Oxbow Public Market in the morning to grab breakfast which included this very popular breakfast sandwich from The Model Bakery. The line to place the order was not long but it took a while to receive the sandwich. This is their signature regular breakfast sandwich on their fresh made English muffin. Quite possibly the best English muffin I've ever had - soft and with melty cheese and eggs. I think this sandwich is $6.95.

($7.95) chipotle breakfast sandwich on multigrain. It has eggs, cheese, avocado, and bacon. There's more flavor in this sandwich than the regular but the bread isn't as great. I should have stuck with the English muffin.

Our group was large and the only winery near us with the most affordable tasting fee and allowed us to bring outside food for a picnic was Madonna Estates. The tasting fee is $15 per person and we had a private tasting with just our group in a large room. We tasted 5 great wines. I bought a bottle of their crisp sweet Gewurztraminer although the Dolcetto was nice too.

We stopped by Frati Gelato Cafe by the riverwalk and I had an affogato with vanilla gelato. Refreshing!

And of course no trip to Napa is complete without a stop for Bouchon Bakery's famous gigantic macarons. I bought a box of all 8 flavors at $3.50 each. Fig was the seasonal flavor but Raspberry was my favorite.

Artesa Winery is really beautiful and scenic and crowded as heck. We managed to take a few shots by this gorgeous waterfall though.

Up next: Lunch at Morimoto Napa and dinner at Ad Hoc

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