Sunday, October 18

PintxoPote - formerly Donostia Pintxo - Los Gatos

I found this post I started writing and never finished. It has been left in draft for almost 2 years. Since I don't remember the details, I hope at least description and price are useful to some out there.

Los Gatos has been my stomping ground lately. Oh wait, it's so nice and peaceful here, one simply does not stomp. I meant, Los Gatos has been my frolicking ground lately. I tend to explore a few restaurants in one South Bay area within a few weeks, then move on to a different neighborhood. The first of the Los Gatos exploration is Donostia Restaurant for tapas and wine with my lady friends. Donostia sits in a tiny strip mall on Santa Cruz Ave. There is only bar seating with a few cocktail tables along the wall. Not spacious. Prepare to rub elbows with your bar neighbor.

We started with a bottle of Estrella Damn Inedit beer. Yup, that's fancy beer with fine notes of orange peel and licorice. I liken the taste to that of a bold cider. 

Pam Amb Tumaca y Jamon:  Crusty bread with fresh tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil topped with jamon

Pulpo a la Plancha ($13) :  Grilled octopus over cauliflower puree and paprika

Carilleras en Salsa:  slow cooked beef cheeks with romesco sauce and chickpea puree

Brocheta de Gambas ($7): Skewer of prawns, sauteed onions, tomatoes, red bell pepper, olive oil, and vinegar

Torrija Caramelizada ($7):  Soft bread soaked in vanilla cream and cinnamon then caramelized

Isastegi cider in background: This cider smells like urine. I kidd you not. The waiter warned us before we ordered that this cider was an acquired taste and asked if we wanted a taste before purchase. Nope, we're daring and up for anything and what we got was funny smelling cider with a briny fermentedy taste. Fermentedy is a new word. And we still finished the whole bottle.

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