Wednesday, June 3

Outtakes from Metro News Articles - Jan through June 2015

 I'm taking a break from writing food reviews for Metro News so I thought this would be a good time to show you the photo outtakes from my articles. 

Hatcho miso ice cream

 Miso glazed black cod

Renkodai (red snapper)

Salmon jerky with mayonnaise and pepper powder

Pork belly and avocado buns

Pork belly rice plate

Alligator stew

Squid ink pasta

Halo Halo with ube ice cream

Sizzling sisig platter

Beignets and coffee

Eggs benedict with scrambled egg

Xiao Long Bao

Chilled wontons in spicy sauce

Profiteroles with chocolate drizzle

Creme bruleed ice cream sundae

Salmon and red quinoa

Steak and potatoes

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  1. Be honest, how hungry did you get making this post? ;-]



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