Sunday, March 8

Pieology Pizzeria Introduces New Flavors

Pieology Pizzeria in San Jose gave me an opportunity to try their new pizza combinations, three-cheese Alfredo sauce and Rustic Veggie. In the same manner as Blaze Pizza, where customers can choose from flavor combos or make their own combinations, Pieology is like Chipotle for pizza. Options are house-made, whole wheat, or gluten free dough and any and as many toppings on an 11'5" pie which is served within less than 10 minutes after ordering.

($7.95) I chose a half and half Alfredo sauce and Rustic Veggie and added pepperoni all over.

I was really pleasantly surprised with the three cheese Alfredo sauce. It was cheesy and garlicky. I only wish there were more tomatoes and toppings in general. As you can see the photo looks a little bare.

On the Rustic Veggie side, I added jalapenos as well. The red sauce on this was a little plain and veggies are just standard. There is an option to add herb garlic butter on the dough before adding the sauce. I suggest skipping this step because the butter melts and the sauce does not stick onto the pizza. I had a problem with the toppings sliding off. Otherwise, the pizza was quite tasty.

Phil customized his own pie with pretty much all the meat available. He was very satisfied and full from his pizza as a result. 

Overall, I liked my first experience at Pieology. It's closer to San Jose than Blaze Pizza in Fremont. It makes a quick and affordable dinner. 

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  1. I've heard great things about Pieology - your post totally makes me want to try it!

    Jemily Life



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