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Mavericks Brewing - Half Moon Bay

Photo Credit: Becky Ruppel
Photo Credit: From Mavericks Press
Mavericks Brewing is a new brewery launching canned beers out of the Half Moon Bay area. The company is named after the legendary surfing competition in Half Moon Bay, which explains their choice in canned vs bottle. They aimed to provide beers that one could bring to beach and enjoy after a cold surf without needing bottle openers. The beers are intended to provide the full beer experience with a lower alcohol content of 3.75%. They currently have 3 flavors, two of which are already available in stores in the San Jose area at these businesses and aiming for a nation-wide release in Spring 2015.
  Ava's Downtown Market - Mt. View
  Maplewood Liquors - San Jose
  Royal Liquors - San Jose
Vyne Bistro
Cork and Bottle
CJ Liquor
Chabot Liquor
Farmers Union

Mavericks shipped samples of two of their three flavors to me. I gathered a few friends and we had a taste test.

Photo Credit: Becky Ruppel
The Rye Pale Ale was clearly the more popular of the two flavors we tested that day. My friend even said it was better than any other IPA she's ever tasted which would be in the closest category as she had never had RPA before. The RPA is made with Cascade and Chinook hops and 20% rye malt in addition to barley malts. It's fuller bodied with more pronounced hoppy notes. We would definitely order this at a bar.

Photo Credit: Becky Ruppel
The Belgian Style Wit was not so popular with our group. It didn't taste bad but mostly left no impression on anyone and was difficult to describe. It smelled stale even though that wasn't necessarily the taste. Brewed with barley and wheat malts and spiced with bitter orange, coriander, and hint of lemon. None of the latter fruity/spicy notes could be tasted.

Photo Credit: Becky Ruppel
The release of the Chocolate Porter is on hold for now. It looks very interesting based on the photo. 

Photo Credit: Mavericks Press
There is also a Tunnel Vision IPA available on tap at the brewery in Half Moon Bay and will be launched in cans by January 2015. 

If you're interested in tasting these beers, make sure to ask for them at your local bars listed above. Or you can visit Half Moon Bay Brewing Company to taste them on tap for yourself. Here is the link to Mavericks website for more information.

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