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GM Titanium with UFC Heavyweight Champ Cain Velasquez

Last week, my husband and I attended an event hosted by GM Titanium Cognac, a new spirit by Grand Marnier. Their spokesperson is two time UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez. The event was held at Cain's home gym, American Kickboxing Academy in South San Jose. I thought it would be best to let my husband write his thoughts on his experience training like a champ, with the champ and his first taste of GM Titanium Cognac. Enjoy his guest post below!
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Being an MMA fan, I have always heard about the great fighters that train at the American Kickboxing Acadamy(AKA).  Living in the San Jose area, I was always curious to check out the AKA gym. When GM Titanium, the new cognac based spirit by Grand Marnier, invited us to not only check out the gym, but also meet UFC heavyweight champion, Cain Velasquez, while sampling their latest alcohol, the decision was a no-brainer.

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We get to the gym and off to the side, there were models for GM Titanium handing out UFC training gloves.  Holding these MMA gloves got me even more excited.  As we were sitting and waiting for the rest of the group to join, in strolls Cain casually chatting with other guests.  This was my first time seeing a champion in person and it hit me, this is pretty freaking awesome. Cain is a true competitor with a great spirit for the sport, I thought it was perfect to have him as GM Titanium's spokesperson.

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After the rest of the group arrived, we get called into the training octagon room which is a padded room with mats and a huge AKA sign on the wall. Cain takes about 30 minutes show the group three different moves: a take down, a side step-kick, and knees to the head. We partnered up and he walked around the room and gave instructions and tips.  He explained to me the proper way to throw a knee to the face, which I practiced on my wife.

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After the 30 minutes were up, Cain answered a few questions and each person in the cage was given the opportunity to take a photo with the champ.  Being an MMA fan for many years now, I have always loved the intensity of the weigh ins and stare down the day before the fights.  If there was ever a time for me to have my first stare down, who better to stare at than the heavyweight champion of the world?  We locked eyes, my heart pumping with adrenaline, posed in front of the camera like the typical stare down you see on TV.  It was definitely an adrenaline rush to stand there.

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After we got out of the cage, the bar was open and the models were serving special GM Titanium cocktails. We had a Cain and Stormy which was sweet with hints of tropical fruit and spices and was definitely a drink I could see myself ordering at a lounge.  I hear the sleek design of the bottle also glows under nightclub lighting. The drinks paired well with the Mexican food bites like mini empanadas that were served with chips and salsa.

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Overall, GM Titanium hosted a great event. I look forward to getting a bottle of GM Titanium Cognac to share with friends and also plan to return to the gym in the future.

Thanks to GM Titanium for having us,

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