Tuesday, July 29

Bite American Tapas - Tahoe

Visiting Lake Tahoe in the summer has been on my to do list for a while. Tahoe is better known for snow activities and the dread of bundling up and driving through snow deters me from visiting more often. Tahoe in the summer though is a dream come true. The lake is beautiful and there are so many water activities to do - the most important of which is to drink by the lake. Since I've only been to Tahoe in the winter and our groups would just hermit in the cabin, I have never dined out in Tahoe and was extremely pleased with the food Phil and I ate.

Bite is a recommendation we got from Phil's coworker who is a chef. Chef's restaurant recommendations hold so much more weight than anyone else's. Luckily our condo rental in Incline Village was just down the street from Bite and we headed over for a quick bite (#pun #intended).

Bite serves American style tapas. Who doesn't want to pay the price of an entree for a third of the size? While this sentence is sarcastic, the food is actually delicious and hey, why not. This trip was for my birthday and I wanted to enjoy myself so I tried not to pay too much attention to the food descriptions.

($12) Wonton wrapped prawns with Thai mango salsa
Juicy prawns wrapped in crispy wonton wrappers, flash fried, and paired with a rich spicy lime cream sauce provided a great start to our meal.

($10) Andouille Sausage and shrimp gumbo
Gumbo is a strange sort of fare. A thick eclectic soup poured over rice. The description in itself embodies comfort; hearty and filling, sounding misleadingly effortless like mom made it out of a few leftover dishes when in reality she had slaved tirelessly to perfect this bowl. This definitely hit the spot for Phil.

($14) Ahi Sliders with wasabi aioli, pickled ginger, and arugula
With much doubt about the availability of fresh seafood all the way in a mountainous region like Tahoe, I ordered the ahi sliders anyway. To my great surprise, the ahi tuna was fresh and tender and the aioli, just a mild creamy sauce with a faint hint of wasabi.

($19) Grilled filet mignon bites with horseradish mashed potatoes and crispy onions
Sadly, we rather regretted ordering these overpriced and overcooked filet mignon bites. They were tough and chewy. The crispy onions are addictive delicate tendrils and the mashed potatoes were very good. Such as a movie that's only as good as it's leading actors, no matter how strong the supporting cast is, it falls flat like this dish.

($8) bite sized ice cream sandwiches
Really smooth vanilla ice cream that's not too sweet paired with house made cookies. I wish they were soft cookies rather than crunchy though. Otherwise, excellent rendition of a childhood favorite. Candle only comes if it's your birthday.

Service was wonderful. There is no wait for a Friday night. The food was amazing and well worth the splurge. If you chose to eat tapas, you should expect to spend alot. I was satisfied with everything we ordered. It was a great start to a Tahoe weekend getaway.

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