Thursday, January 9

Kansui Ramen Opens at Hay Market

Happy Friday my friends! A quick post today to announce that the great folks at El Chinito Group have found a home for their culinary talents. Remember the pop-up brunch cooked by Kha Lu where I ate the chilled soba dish that made my best of 2013 list?

El Chinito Group and Hay Market in Willow Glen have teamed up to provide one-of-a-kind ramen menu from Tuesday through Saturday. The lunch collaboration is called Kansui Ramen. They offer the usual flavors like Shio, Shoyu, Tonkotsu, and Miso along with rotating seasonal ramen flavors. The opening menu will feature BLT and 5-spiced duck flavors.

Traditional ramen flavors are $10/bowl
Specialty flavors are $12/bowl
Small plates run between $7-$9
You can pair your food with their sake offerings by glass or bottle. A little booze with lunch, why not?

I went to their tasting luncheon the other week. Here is the chicken salad with peas, wontons, sesame dressing, sesame seeds and cabbage. There's actually quite a good bit of chicken in here.

Here is the tonkotsu flavor. Kansui is a mixture of sodium and potassium carbonate, which makes the noodles more elastic and springy (source). I can attest to this, I tried it. The noodles were firm and springy for sure. It's different than the softer egg noodle ramen at other shops. If you're in Willow Glen on Lincoln Ave, check out Hay Market for their Kansui Ramen lunch. I'm proud of Kha and Dianna for their achievements. I heard some time ago that Hay Market closed for lunch in order to focus on their dinner menu. I'm glad this closing provides an opportunity for another young chef to deliver his talents to the community and for the unique rustic space to be utilized.

Details and menu on their Facebook page, here.
Kansui Ramen will open on Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Hours: 11:30-1:30PM


PS. These ramen photos are the first ones I took with my new camera lens. You like?

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