Saturday, November 9

Clear the Way for My Redesigned Blog

The blog has been long overdue for a makeover. With the upcoming release of an exciting new project with IKEA East Palo Alto for my YouTube channel, it was a great opportunity to finally spruce up this bad boy. So here you go.

Header: I wanted to keep it minimal.
Color Scheme: My favorite color is green and its entire family, twice removed second cousins too.
Social Media Buttons: Quick convenient buttons on the top left so you can find the other ways I like to waste time.
Categories: For easier navigation. It's an ongoing process to go back to old posts to label them correctly.
Logo: After many iterations, the logo serendipitously arrived at a square on a circle. I told the designer that it was very fitting for me because I'm always feeling like I don't belong; in my job, with my friends, with my creative aspirations. In reality, I probably do belong but it is a state of mind.
I also had my Facebook, Google+, and YouTube pages designed. Check them out.
Ngoc Instagram Ngoc YouTube Ngoc Twitter Ngoc Pinterest Ngoc Facebook Ngoc Google Plus Ngoc Bloglovin

A very huge thanks to Kate from Clear the Way for all the amazing work she's done. She is a talented, and patient professional, working closely with me to get the details right. And she's self taught too! I suggest you check out her blog to see more of her work for your design needs. Clear the Way blog link.


Here's a special teaser screen capture from my video with Ikea East Palo Alto. Coming up on the blog and YouTube on Monday 11/11 at 11AM. Make sure you watch and subscribe. There will be a special giveaway at the end of the video.

1 comment:

  1. It looks so great! I can't wait to see the collab!

    Kate from Clear the Way



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