Wednesday, August 28

Sacramento - Ten22

When I was an undergraduate at UC Davis, I did a few internships and held a part time job in downtown Sacramento. I was an English major and one of my gigs was a journalism internship supervised by a Communications Director who now works in San Jose. So there you go, I studied English and I read a bunch of things and wrote a bunch of essays and it was a lot of fun.

We recently visited Sacramento on our way home from the Rugged Maniac race in Rancho Murietta. I did not hang out in Sacramento much when I was in school because I went to a club there once and got hit on by old men in Ed Hardy t-shirts and that was about all I wanted of Sactown. This was a much more pleasant experience though. It was hot as Hades that weekend.

Artwork at the mall downtown

Horse drawn buggies in Old Sac. Cute.

After finishing the race, we decided to try Ten22 mainly because they had good Yelp reviews and I liked the name. Their address is 1022 2nd Street, hence the name Ten22. I LOVE clever restaurant names. Ten22 is located in Old Sac, a neighborhood that transports you back to cobblestone roads, horse drawn buggies, and old Western saloon style buildings. Despite the centuries old look of the building, the inside of Ten22 was modern and warm. Imagine the restaurant of a hotel during high tea.

($12) Bistro Burger - pepperjack cheese, apple smoked bacon, caramelized onions
Very much a man's burger. Phil liked it a lot. Can't go wrong with pepperjack cheese and bacon on a burger.

($16) Summer vegetables, house made gnocchi - this was the best gnocchi I've ever had of all time in my entire life in the whole world and other epic phrases indicating extreme joy from the consumption of a single dish in comparison to its similar genre counterparts! Exclamation mark for emphasis.

These were some soft, chewy, fresh potato dough balls in pesto sauce with roasted tomatoes, zucchini, and squash. Vegetarian done right.

Service: attentive, personable, charming
Ambiance:  warm and inviting. Very brunch-like. Dress code, casual. 
Prices: Decent. Portion size and quality is good for this price.
Food: Delicious. A man's burger and a very satisfying vegetarian pasta dish for the lady.
Totally recommend this place if you're in Sacramento.

Ten 22 on Urbanspoon
Here's a photo treat for you.
Yikes, I look like how my mom looks when I drive faster than 40mph.

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