Monday, September 24

Virtual Tour of our penthouse rental in Rio de Janeiro

*I tried to remove the shaking but this video may still give you a headache.

We rented this very nice penthouse in Rio de Janeiro for 4 days. On one of the days we gave our housekeepers some money to buy food and cook a nice home style Brazilian BBQ for our pool party. Check out the yummy times!

Pool side. Ocean side. Roof top.

Black beans with sausages. Mmm tasty.

Regular black beans

A weird oily salsa. Too different for my taste.

Left: greens with olives, onions, and hearts of palm. I really miss heart of palm. It was so common in Brazil and so expensive in the US. Tastes like a giant pickled artichoke heart.
Right: Potato salad

Really dry tiny chicken thighs

Dining on the top floor overlooking the ocean is how all meals should be eaten.

Watching the moon rise from said top floor with ocean view is how nights should always end.

 Looking at the Christ Redeemer all lit up from your roof top is what everyone should see before they sleep.

 Walking back to your room by your lavishly lit pool is how everyone should prepare for bed.

Night night. All tuckered away on a gigantic white leather couch. (This was me napping from a previous night)


  1. i want heart of palm (never tried)!

  2. Tell me why I was getting all excited and smiling watching this... As if I was there too. ***snap to reality



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