Monday, August 20

Kobe Restaurant - Santa Clara

Hey all,

Phil here.  I was going to blog about something else, but couldn't find the pics, therefore I'm deciding to blog about a local Japanese restaurant in the Santa Clara area.  Long story short, one weeknight day, Ngoc and I came home, both exhausted and there was nothing to eat for dinner.  We decided to go eat Japanese food, problem is, Santa Clara is not well known for it's sushi(or at least from what I experienced).  I made the smart decision of choosing to go to a Japanese restaurant that I had been to before.

I decided to go to a restaurant called "Kobe Restaurant," in the middle of some random plaza.

The place had plenty of seats available when we first arrived, we decided to sit at the bar area so we can observe the sushi boats float around.   Me, I'm a simple man, I go to sushi restaurants with one intention, to eat good simple rolls at an inexpensive price.  Is that so hard to ask for?

Anyways, in the middle of eating and taking pictures, one of the servers/hosts asked why we were taking photos.  They introduced themselves to us as well.  They must know their reputation to do that....

Nice picture of crappy California Rolls
$11 for 3 items, not horrible pricing.....the food though......

Overheated miso soup
The view of this picture is as exciting as the taste of the salad
Chicken teriyaki, agedashi tofu, and tempura were our choices...the orange slices were great.

To speak a little more about the bento box we shared, the tofu was not crispy and tempura batter did not stick to the ingredients.  The chicken teriyaki was standard to go along with the rice.

California roll covered with tobiko.....yes, this was dry too.

Ngoc's spider roll.  I wanted to try it, but because Ngoc really didn't eat any of the other food, I felt bad and told her to go ahead and finish it.
Honestly, I'm very lenient with my grades on foods and restaurants.  My expectations are low and I'm happy with that.  But to spend nearly $30 on the food that was served to us that night?  I highly doubt we'd be back there again.  I gave this place a one-star review on yelp and I don't do that too often.  I will stick to getting my Japanese food from San Mateo.

I apologize for such a sad post, to make up for it, I present to you a sad dog.

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