Thursday, March 1

Flavor of the Month: Yogurt Smoothie

Except for the Big Boss blender, everything is from Costco. 
  The flavor of the month on Foodbuzz for March is yogurt. I have been meaning to eat leaner and healthier to compliment my half marathon goal this year so yogurt seemed like a good ingredient to entice my participation in the Flavor of the Month program. As much as I would love to go to Trader Joe's or Wholefood to buy overpriced natural, organic, gluten free this and that ingredients, I am on a budget so I used my family's Costco card to stock up on a 64 oz tub of plain yogurt. The Verka tub does say 100% natural yogurt. First yogurt recipe of the month is a smoothie made from all Costco ingredients.

5 medium sized frozen strawberries, a few spoonfuls of frozen berries, a splash of mango nectar, 3 spoonfuls of yogurt all blended in a Big Boss blender. We got the blender during Black Friday and it works just as well as the Magic Bullet. Smash or cut some of the larger strawberries if you can because it doesn't blend as quickly. I didn't use ice because the smoothie would become watery quickly and the berries were frozen anyway.

I like my smoothies thick like a slushy and I eat it with a spoon. Yummy. A bit on the sour and tart side but you can add sugar to fix this. I didn't because the goal is to be healthy.

Served on the side of a large tupperware of salad. 
Salad had: romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, shaved shallots, mozzarella cheese, salami slices, cilantro, and Fuji apple slices. 
Dressing had: olive oil, sesame oil, balsamic vinegar, splash of Ponzu sauce, salt, pepper, dijon mustard.

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