Tuesday, March 6

Flavor of the Month: Yogurt Parfait

 No need to write a recipe for this one. Everyone knows the classic fruit, granola, and yogurt parfait. Once again, I made this with all Costco ingredients. I put the frozen berries out for about 10 minutes before mashing them up. Fresh fruit obviously tastes better in this but blueberries and raspberries are so expensive and I go through a container in 30 minutes just snacking.

The parfait is made by layering fruit, then granola, then a few spoons of yogurt, repeat until you create desired amount. The Quaker granola is so good. It's sweet (some say too sweet but with yogurt its just right), and crunchy and goes well as a plain cereal or with a parfait. Granola has a lot of calories though but they're good calories. So incorporate it into your diet sparingly but don't feel guilty about the calories because it's healthy. Warning, granola will make you gassy. 

Phil, who has said, "Ew granola? Ew plain yogurt? No thanks," was caught red handed today fixing a large cup of yogurt and granola for breakfast.


  1. I love yogurt parfait. However, I do love them with blueberries. Fact: blueberries are expensive. That's why I don't eat a lot of yogurt parfait!

    1. Expand your horizons and give other fruits a chance. I wonder if watermelon parfaits are any good. You can make slot with one melon but probably too watery.

    2. I often see honeydew and cantaloupe in parfaits as well as grapes. To me, nothing compares to berries, though. Especially strawberries and blueberries. I might try the frozen berries idea. It might be more motivating for me to eat fruit if it was a) in a parfait and b) I don't have to wash, cut, peel, or de-stem anything. =P



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