Tuesday, December 27

Thailand 2011 - Incheon and Seoul, Korea

Brrrrr....it was cold in South Korea! Our 24 hour layover in Korea on our way to Thailand and the 6 hour layover on the way back were short but did yield some memorable sights and tastes. It's worth taking a look before I delve into all things Thai.


The weather was bitter cold outside so we ducked into Paris Bagguette for the warmth. It smelled of sweet bakery goodness. We bought a bag of glutinous donuts which were chewy and well...glutinous, and a lackluster egg tart. My hot chocolate was decent and came in a cute cup.

There really wasn't much going on in Incheon besides Lotte Mart, which is a large grocery store/department store/everything store chain in S. Korea. Lotte Mart sells food, beauty supplies, clothing, house wares, and just about everything. But in the end it was still just a big supermarket and we were quite bored.

We stopped by a restaurant for lunch whose name I can't repeat because it was in Korean letters. Look at the unlimited kimchi, pepper paste, jalapenos, and salted shrimp sauce (left).
Phil wanted to try something different so he got to oyster soup which was a bit bland. It is basically oysters and tofu in a watery soup over rice.

I had the fish roe bibimbap in a stone bowl. Yumms! I love when the rice crisps at the bottom. Fish roe is an interesting twist to the usual beef bibimbap and I loved it!

During our 6 hour layover on the return trip, we took a 1 hour train ride out to Seoul Station just to browse. I couldn't leave Korea without eating one more authentic meal. At this busy subway station restaurant, I ordered bibimbap again, no stone bowl this time and with regular beef instead of fish roe.This came out within 30 seconds of ordering. It also had real kosari, which I don't get often in the US.

Tempura udon was just standard but on a freezing day, it hit the spot.

Cold soba with cold soup. We ordered this just to try something different. It was just ok.

 Beans and Berries, sounds kinda dirty somehow. Just a warming cup of hot chocolate and a bowl of strawberry yogurt. Same as in America.That was our quick, cold, but delicious trip to South Korea. I would really like to come back again and stay longer.


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