Monday, October 24

NY 2011 - Peter Luger Steakhouse

Peter Luger Steakhouse first appeared on my radar after Sherry posted her awesome pictures on her blog. Having been around for 120 years, Peter Luger's is quite the New York establishment: open everyday, reservations only, and the service is something else. Everyone who works here looks like they've been here for 10 or more years. Seasoned veterans who were attentive and not pushy. We were so glad to have had a chance to try Peter Luger, even though its quite a train ride away to Brooklyn and my big purse almost got us jammed in the subway turnstile.

Luger's famous house made steak sauce. You can buy this by the bottle too. It didn't look too special to me at the time, but now I really regret not buying it.

($14.95) Sliced steak tomatoes and onions. Some days I have dreams about eating a forkful of tomatoes and onions with Luger's sauce. These are very overpriced tomatoes and onions but they were necessary to balance the all-meat meal and they ended up being the best tomatoes and onions I've eaten.

($3.95) Thick strip of sizzling bacon. I never knew bacon could be this thick and taste this good. It tastes more or less like ham but saltier and less fatty than regular grilled thin bacon.

Our waiter gave great attentive service, complete with entertaining antics. He's also a master at serving with two spoons. Look at Pham staring at him with her dreamy eyes. Someones in love...

($133.35) Steak for 3. We ordered medium rare but the plate was still hot enough to keep cooking if we wanted a more well done piece. This was undeniably THE best steak I've eaten. It beats Alexander's because it was simple. Sometimes there's not much to be done with a good piece of meat than to just cook it. That is exactly what Peter Luger's did and their delicious sauce helped alot. Also, $133 can get you a steak large enough to serve 4 or maybe even 5 and I don't think Alexander's frou frou steaks can do that. No hate to Alexander's, they were still very delicious, CUT in Vegas was also delicious, but Peter Luger has them all beat.

THIS is how you eat meat, tomatoes, and onions. Every bite must have sauce.

After dinner chocolate coins.

The best last meal in New York. In hind sight, 3 girls should have ordered the steak for 2 or even steak for 1. It was so huge. Well I guess it's better to have too much of the best steak ever than to have not enough.


  1. i agree with the entire review. :)

  2. Finally, we usually have a point of contention somewhere in our reviews of the same eateries.

  3. Will Smith in the background... maybe not. $15 for tomatoes and onions!@#$!@$!??? This would have been the perfect meal to bust out some asian chili concoction.



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