Monday, October 3

Chasaengwon Tea House - Santa Clara - CLOSED

Chasaengwon Tea House is a Korean tea house I've been anxious to try since forever. There was never a good time. Never a block of time brief enough and yet long enough to enjoy sitting down for tea. And then finally there was time and there was a perfect person to go with. MC loves chatting over tea and she's the perfect person to try this with.

Directions and philosophy...plenty more of this to come.

The tea house is upstairs on top of a health/herbal remedies store. The location is quite unique and reminds me of LA's Ktown a bit. One woman manned the entire store. Making and serving the tea and also ringing up sales. It was empty when we got in and she wasn't even at the counter, but later on it became pretty busy.

($3.50) We chose a simple Jasmine tea which was served in the cutest glass pot, kept warm over a heart shaped votive holder. It turns out to be alot of tea for two.

Matching glass cups which keep it cooler to hold but retaining the heat of the tea.

Phil had a bowl of really delicious strawberry ice cream all to himself except for the parts where I mooched.

MC and I shared the strawberry ice cream with fruit. I forgot how much this cost. It was delicious for a summer day. Its very much like going to a yogurt shop but fancier and the toppings are more fresh. Red bean and strawberry ice cream combo is the best!

This was me perusing the menu. What I really wanted to show was that being on the 2nd floor, the restaurant had a good view of the streets, creating a really urban feel. I've never been to a tea house before and I really enjoyed my experience. The tea was refreshing and the ice cream was tasty. Ambience is what really draws patrons here. You can sit and study or chat with your friends for the whole night on wooden benches with pillow cushions. I will definitely come back.

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