Tuesday, April 26

SPONSORED POST: Beer boiled shrimp

 Part 2 of the cooking with beer experiments. I thought the variety pack of beer I bought only had 3 types but when unpacking them all for the fridge, I discovered a fourth. 1554 Black Ale. So I was originally going to try this recipe with Might Arrow Pale Ale, but I've never had this black ale and I just had to try something new. Usually I stay away from dark beers but taste wise, this Black Ale was not very bitter. I think people who like Guiness might like this. Or they may not because it is a bit subtler than Guiness.

 Enlightened Black Ale, ahh I feel smarter already.

 I went a little crazy with the seasonings because I don't know what goes in a shrimp boil and everything looked interesting. In hind sight, I could have done without the paprika. I didn't use the crawfish boil this time because a bag makes 4+ lbs worth of food and I only have 1lb of shrimp for 2 so it felt like a waste. Saving it for next time when I have more people to feed. The Louisiana Cajun Seasoning is so good. Get that and just dip everything in it. mmm

 1 bottle of beer in a pot and fill up with water until liquid level is at half the pot

I seasoned everything with what you see above. No measurements. I don't think it matters to be that precise right here. 

When it comes to a boil, drop in 1lb of shrimp and turn down the heat so everything simmers in the flavors. Shrimp cook fast so anything over maybe 5 minutes is just extra to let the flavors soak in. I would have preferred jumbo shrimps with heads on them but I couldn't go to my preferred store at the time.

Whoa-la! Beer boiled shrimp. You can dip with cocktail sauce or with the Cajun seasoning.

Was this a fail? I say no, he says yes. The choice of beer really matters. My original idea of using Mighty Arrow Pale Ale would have fared better. In the world of beer and cooking, I don't think you can go terribly wrong, but some things pair better. Phil couldn't pin point what he didn't like about this but it was either the paprika or the beer. I thought this was just ok. I did taste the beer and I didn't find it quite as distracting but there was no wow factor. It also seems like a waste to pour a whole bottle of beer in, boil for a few minutes and then just dump it because you can't really drink spices. The beer and spice broth was interesting though but I wouldn't just drink it like a soup. I don't think I'll be trying this recipe again.



  1. You're trying to do two different styles with shrimp in one dish. If you're going to use the cocktail sauce, just boil the shrimp, immediately chill them and serve. For the boil, add some garlic and tons of butter.

  2. Yeah, that's how I am. Kind of a schizophrenic cook. Thanks for the tip. Next time I"ll do the regular cocktail sauce one.



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