Tuesday, March 8

Side Street Inn Personal Food Challenge

Hello all,

This is Phil, my bad in not posting for awhile, I've been really lazy, just watching all these stories about Charlie Sheen. Who would've thought that there would be someone crazier than Mel Gibson?

Anyways, I guess I have two more postings from Hawaii afterall....

We went to this restaurant called the Side Streeet Inn, based off of one of my friend's personal experience with this restaurant and his high recommendation.

Here's the beautiful sign....this is the only evidence that shows that this restaurant is real.

We were informed by our waiter and my friend that the portions were very generous and served "family style." When I think "family style," I like to think of it as a perfect portion for myself.....or at least that's what I used to think. Everyone split plates amongst themselves, I ended up ordering the special fried rice, which is the kim chee fried rice and chinese sausage fried rice mixed together.

This plate is awesome. For $14 or $15 bucks, totally worth the money. The kim chee added a nice kick to each bite and the chinese sausage reminded me of chinese sausage. Green onions, carrots, and peas round out the remainder of the plate. This picture shows just how large this plate was. I purposely ate the rice at an angle for this picture.
So now here's my own lil commentary here......at the halfway point, I'm thinking I'm done, I'm at a nice comfortable level with what I ate and I can just box everything up. Then the waiter comes by, makes some type of commentary sorta like "wow, I can't believe your eating all that," and then my dumbass says something like "I want a high five if I finish this plate..." So now he's hyped up, which pressures me to continue and now I've mistakenly put myself in a dilemna......Do I power through this and finish this plate for my own pride or do I box it up and eat it back at the hotel later like a wuss?
I made my first big boy decision.................

The End
One funny tidbit, after I finished the plate, we all heard the waiter walk into the kitchen and yell to the cooks "he finished it!" That was pretty hilarious. I told him that he can't advertise these dishes as family style anymore.


  1. "the chinese sausage reminded me of chinese sausage" - this is some of your best writing so far. Berry berry funny!

  2. I'm glad you didn't disappoint me. As I was reading it, I was hoping you'd do what Casey would do...That is: GET THAT HIGH FIVE! =P

  3. Whoa...you went to Side Street Inn and didn't try their FAMOUS pork chops. Oh no, sir...altho, we all know their fried rice is AWESOME (or as the locals like to say it...ono), come on...no pork chops. Nah, I'm kidding.

    Congrats on eating the fried rice. That's hard. I must say mighty impressive. I love side street inn. I kinda favor the one by Ala moana than Kapahulu, but its growing on me.

  4. My friends shared a few dishes including the pork chops, they were really popular, but I was more focused on the task at hand.



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