Monday, December 27

Ho Ho Holiday Party

Company holiday parties are always really fun and its a good sign nowadays that a company can still throw such a celebration. Luckily, Phil and I were able to go to his company holiday party the other week. It's difficult to hold a plate of food, a glass of mimosa, while eating and mingling and also snap food pictures so I photographed what I could before it disappeared.

Sushi appetizers were provided by Liquid Sushi Bar in San Mateo. Party held at the San Mateo Marriott.

California Rolls


Assorted canapes

Overexposed photo of the buffet food. Filet mignon, broccolini with artichokes and cherry tomatoes,roasted fingerling potato,

A shot of the decor and center stage

And also, yours truly won another limbo competition. Woop woop!

Who needs a Christmas tree at home when you can go around posing with every public tree you see.

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