Monday, November 15

Broken Rice Plates from Com Tam Dat Thanh - San Jose

Finally, we are back to normal everyday life with normal everyday food. No four course meals with wine pairings anymore...

Have you ever had broken rice plates, com tam? Basically grains of rice that have been fractured and are smaller than regular rice grains. It is usually served with BBQ meats and various side dishes. Phil and I don't eat it too often but we decided this weekend to buy 5 portions for my family.

We took to-go from my favorite broken rice restaurant in San Jose, Com Tam Dat Thanh. ($7.45 each) I ordered one of each type. I don't remember all the dishes but there are varieties like BBQ shrimp, pork, beef, pork chops, or chicken. The yellow thing pictured on top is pork and shrimp wrapped in a tofu shell and fried. Each plate came with two types of protein.

Lettuce on top of pork chop on top of Tau Hu Ky (tofu wrapped meat mentioned above).

Broken rice with pickled daikon, carrots, and pickled green onion bulbs.

Fish sauce with pickled veggies and pepper. You pour this on top of the rice.

Com tam is one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes and this is one of my absolute favorite restaurants that serve it. When you sit down there, the dish is served with a delicious soup. Too bad the take out portions didn't have any. The prices are fair at $7.45 per portion for most of the dishes. For a gal like me, one order could be split for two meals. For Phil, one order per meal. I don't eat com tam often so, com tam we will meet again in 6 months!

Com Tam Dat Thanh on Yelp


  1. Never had it before, gotta try it out! :)

  2. Is your fave place Da Kao? Because that's mine!!! =P

  3. Our favorite is Com Tam Dat Thanh but I do hear there's a good place on Senter Rd. I'll haveta try it one day.

  4. Broken rice is delicious! :D I actually have it at a Vietnamese restaurant in a Vietnamese plaza.. near Walmart :p On Senter? :) I even went to Lion Market to buy a bag of it!!! :) I love it! It's smaller rice, really cute :) haha It's so funny that you are so local :p



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