Sunday, October 3

Tubing and Camping - Rumsey, CA

After I hiked Half Dome, we were itching for another fun outdoor trip. We went to Rumsey, CA over the Labor Day Weekend for some tubing and camping.

The pictures are a little blurry because they were taken using an iPhone, and not even an iPhone 4, just the 3.

Walking down to the start like little duckies.
Waiting to get in.

Group pic!

Did alot of this for about 2 hours while drinking beer and champagne. Some time during the 2 hours, I fell off my tube and hit my head on a rock under water. It hurt, yes it did. But it was still alot of fun.

This is actually from the end of the day but I thought it made a more exciting picture. 

We reached the half way point and ate some cheezits, drank some water, and etc.

Then we had to jump back into the water and onto our tubes. Hilarious pictures ensued.

Such as this one where Bear smacked her face into her tube and KT is hesitantly watching her tube slip away and OS is just gone.

2 more hours of this but with way more rapids than the first half of the trip. This is going down "Mother" the crazier set of rapids in this river.

Wooh! He's thinking, "Look at me, I'm hella cool!" and then he flips over and can't get back up until the end of the rapids.

We're done and we had fun!

We did a cliff dive into the river and somehow, I came home with this bruise. I didn't get to take pictures of it until 2-3 days after so this is the bruise as it started to heal.

Nothing beats the bruise I got when I went airsofting years ago and was shot at close range in the calf. That's against the rules by the way, that guy should have been forced to leave the game! Anyways, here you see a flower blossoming around a delicate white center where the airsoft bb hit me.
Sorry there was no food in this entry but I hope I made up for it in AWESOMENESS!

If you would like to plan your own trip, visit Tubenation. They are a fun and relaxed group of peole who will take care of your tubing needs and make sure you have a blast. It's only $35 a person for the entire ride.


  1. Holy crap, that looks fun. I want in on the next trip, as long as I'm not running another Half that weekend. :)

  2. wow...that looks scarier than I expected...Glad no one got hurt worse than that!

  3. If you're counting, count me in. I'll drive up for that.



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