Sunday, June 6

New York 2010 - Miscellaneous Morsels

Before we set about eating the many entrees we ate in New York, we began with drinks and appetizers. Now this is not a compilation of all the drinks I had before my meals, but you will come to see why I'm blogging this way in the next few entries.
Back at St. Marks, we left Oh!Taisho and went next door to Boka just to have this watermelon soju. I came to New York partly for this watermelon flavored soju served in a watermelon.
Oh sweet sweet nectar...comes complete with watermelon pulp. Tasted like watermelon juice but then it gets you drunk! I drank most of it myself because everyone is weak and also because I wanted this the most, resulting in one of the worst subway trips home. Kids, it is not just your liver that hurts when you drink, it is also your bladder.

And before the liege waffles, we went to Sushi Samba for some drinks and some samba?

Very delicious Mango Mojito. Everybody at the bar was buying this and the watermelon cosmopolitan. New Yorkers know how to make their fruity drinks I tell ya. This was perfect! But the bar was so crowded, as one would expect in New York on a Saturday night.

I also went to New York partly to try this famous place, Cafe Habana.

and at Cafe Habana, this cheese corn is the most popular item. Actually, to be honest, I went here because Michelle Phan from youtube had it on her New York foods video. I swear, I listen to everything that girl says and I don't know why...

Sitting outside with our cheese corn and our teas, I finally got a taste of this famous New York snack. As some overhyped foods are, this was just alright. If I had it at a friend's barbeque, I'd probably think it was really great. But as I flew across the country for this, I think it's just alright. The cheese is not too cheesy and it has just the right amount of spices. But how awesome can roasted corn be? Not too awesome, it's still just corn at the end of the day.
I didn't fly to New York for this and I'm glad I didn't. While waiting to eat at Kun Jip, we made an impulsive stop into K!pizzacone. It's a pizza in a cone. yay! [little kids cheer loudly]

Here I am waiting for the pizzacone to cool down. Faking the smile because I was tired and was skeptical about pizzacone being any good.

and I was right to be skeptical because to me, this tasted alot like something you could buy in the frozen food section and put in the oven. Think bagel bites in a cone form. Phil really liked it but I think because he chose the place, his pride refused to let him admit it wasn't very good.

Hope these drinks and appetizers have whet your appetite for more...


  1. looks just like the mayo splattered corn from the mexican food cart vendors that roll through my neighborhood.

  2. food cart like one mexican guy with a little cart walking around? we have those too.

  3. i will still defend the corn and say it was the best! :) and the pizza cone looks good despite your review, so maybe someday i'll give it a try and tell you how terrible it was.

  4. hi N,

    i enjoyed your new york foodie report!
    mango mijito?
    pizza cone??

    anyway, this post make me miss super refreshing mojito i had in habana.

    have fun!




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