Thursday, October 2

Plant Based Pizza - San Jose

There are times when a clever name makes a restaurant stand out and then other times when the name tells you exactly like it is. Plant Based Pizza tells it like it is. "We are an eatery that sells pizzas made from plants." Located on the corner of a very suburban neighborhood next to what else but a Togo's sandwich shop, Plant Based Pizza with it's eclectic, recycled and repurposed decor hides innocuously on an innocuous block. One would never know anything good or unique was here at all.

One peek inside and it's a different story. Plant Based Pizza's decor is like the inside of an authentic Mexican restaurant in the Mission and full of inspiring artwork to make you do good and feel good. You can feel pretentious and sometimes still hungry after you eat vegan food, but you will never feel guilty. The decor here reminds you of that.

If realizing that animals did not die for your lunch today didn't inspire feelings of good environmental citizenship, maybe this repurposed coke bottle as a pepper flake dispenser, or these old spoons bent into a napkin holder would do the job.

They offer slices of already made pizzas in the food warmer for those not willing to commit to an entire pie. Olivia bought two slices of this pizza of the day. I'm not sure what flavor it was. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.

($7.95) The Amunrud sisters, Kate and Gillian, ordered gluten free garlic chip appetizers which were divine! There's vegan cheese and a garlicky taste on each chip baked to crispy perfection paired with marinara dip. A definite must purchase item.

They also ordered a pie with tomato sauce, basil, vegan cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, and broccoli. Very healthy stuff. I think this is the 10" gluten-free Five Level Veggies for $15.95.

(forgot the price) Kale smoothie - I wasn't a fan because this was clumpy and milky. Maybe kale should be reserved for juicing. It was also a little bland. 

($9.95) Jamaican Jerk Chicken Burger - comes with a side salad as big as the burger itself.
Leave it to me, a true carnivore, to order the meatiest tasting thing at a vegan restaurant. This burger was excellent. It doesn't taste at all like meat so don't prepare yourself for that. The consistency was way better than a boca burger. It's not really seasoned like jerk seasoning but a little spicy and savory nonetheless. The fresh toasted sesame bun is soft on the inside. Everything was piping hot off the grill. And of course you can't deny the great value of the side salad that's as large as the burger. The burger is a bit dry, missing a sort of aioli kind of sauce that would make it even better. I still think it was a great burger to dive into the plant based food experience!

Plant Based Pizza is an order at the counter establishment. Service is pretty standard as there need not be much attention to the customer this way. After going to Kate and Gillian's vegan dinner party, I learned that plant based flours are delicious, especially cauliflower. I felt the same about everything I ate and sampled at Plant Based Pizza. Those garlic chips were a huge hit with me. The Jamaiacan Jerk Chicken Burger just hit it out of the ball park. I'm never giving up meat but I'm now picking up vegan food as well. I thought the burger was priced right but the pizza's were priced high compared to a regular pizza. I'm not familiar with the cost of vegan ingredients and I assume it's pricey given it's niche. $16 for a 10" is a bit much. Does anyone else have a good idea of the pricing for vegan food?

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  1. In my experience, Vegan food is relatively cheap but the gluten-free food is pricey because you're "paying for the luxury." I also think "build-your-own" food is expensive, especially b-y-o-pizzas. I love how you introduced this restaurant; Vegan places tend to be little holes in the wall and they are really surprising sometimes.



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