Wednesday, April 20

Morton's Steakhouse - San Jose

Last week I celebrated JB's birthday at fancy shmancy Morton's Steakhouse in downtown San Jose with coworkers. Enjoy some yummy food pictures.

Cold seafood appetizer platter. I had the lobster tail, jumbo cocktail prawn, and an oyster from this dish. Yummers. Too bad I didn't get my hands on the crab legs because those are one of my favorites. There was also a hot seafood platter which contained things like oysters rockefeller and scallops wrapped in bacon.

One of the sides was this mouth watering mushroom and spinach dish. This was my favorite of all the sides. I asked to have the leftovers packed up for me but they just took the dish to the back and never returned. Boo, the mushrooms and spinach that could have been in my stomach.

Grilled asparagus. This was just ok. The asparagus was really giant though but otherwise there was no wow factor.

I ordered the Cajun style ribeye and this is listed under the "small portions" section. It was huge. I love this portion size. It lasted me two meals and the cajun seasoning was fantastic. LOVES this. I usually stick with filet mignon because its more lean, I hate trying to get through the chewy parts but this ribeye changed my mind.

The dessert was a gigantic lemon souffle which was split into two. I like how it puffed up so big.

Here's my half. This was my first time really trying a properly made souffle and I am actually disappointed. It sounds like it should be more delicious than it really is. First of all there's lemon zest which tastes bitter. Secondly, the souffle eventually gets watery and I don't know if that's how it's supposed to be but Most of what's pictured above didn't get eaten. The best part was the brown top because it had some substance and taste to it.

Here we are. Happy birthday JB!

The food was very good, minus the souffle. But this was actually a case where the service negates the quality of food. We had a strange dining experience. I don't like to say this because I imagine that being a waitress is a stressful and tough job, but from a customer's perspective, our waitress did not do a good job. There was alot of upselling and pushing on her part. Before we ordered they did a corny presentation of the day's specials by wheeling out a tray of their cuts that was actually useful for gauging what size to order but they also showed things like asparagus, onions, and potatoes to demonstrate how fresh their ingredients are. Sorry but we already know what those items look like and having them formally presented to us on a tray with a speech about each item is a waste of time. It feels like maybe they do encourage upselling but our waitress was too opinionated for our comfort. I felt like I was at the dinner table with mom and she was telling me what to eat in a belittling tone and making me pay buku bucks for it. Factor in that she spilled sauce on jacket, forgot to pack up the side dish, and brought out all lemon souffles when we ordered Grand Marnier, I'd say she was not good. We're not bourgeois but Morton's is also not cheap, and when you pay so much for food nowadays, it should not feel like being nagged at by Mom.

Morton's Steakhouse on Yelp, I agree with alot of the comments about service


  1. Agreed! I normally bypass any service if it's regular dining but Morton's is pretty fancy pants and your waitress should've been thoughtful than to upsell. I really hate that :/ They try to pressure you guys because you have a large crowd and they can earn the tips from you all.

    The cold seafood platters look delish!!

  2. That stinks. I think that might have been the same place we ate in Anaheim, by the dog and pony show you described. I left disappointed too. Hopefully the good company made up for it. I have a cookbook I'm giving away if you are interested. Hope you have a nice Easter.



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