Thursday, January 6

Cinnamon Rolls and Chocolate Dipped Fruits - Fail

For the Christmas potluck at work this year, I thought I'd make some cinnamon rolls. Cinnamon rolls remind me of my days working at the mall and getting a roll from Cinnabon on my break. mmm memories...

I really wanted to try Big Apple Nosh's cinnamon roll recipe but then I realized I can't bake for beans so I went with Pillsbury in a fun can!

Pop it, separate it, and lay it out on a pan. They look like they're giraffe patterned.

Bake for 10 minutes.

Spread the frosting that comes with the can and you're done. Unfortunately by the time the potluck happened, these were hard and tough and not so yummy and I don't think people ate it. =(

I had also wanted to make chocolate dipped fruits but let's see how this went...I used the ingredients you see above.

made myself a double boiler system to melt the chocolate

melted some Ghirardelli chocolate chips but did not add in any milk or cream because I was not aware of those directions

dipped my fruits and topped with walnuts

They look so pretty but here is why it did not work out. Although the Ghirardelli chocolate chips were one of the best tasting chocolates I had tried, not mixing in the milk or cream was a mistake. The chocolate taste was a little too rich. It is not strawberry season and I paid a $5 arm and leg for one basket that were slightly bruised so they were not so delicious. The apricots were actually pretty tasty and the pink lady apples were scrumptious. A week later, they were still in the fridge and the strawberries were growing mold. My family does not have a sweet tooth and this just confirms it. Bye bye $5 strawberries, in the trash you go.
 Maybe I should have brought these to the potluck instead of the cinnamon rolls.


  1. boo for wasted food. but give yourself a pat on the shoulder for trying. :)

  2. hey, live & learn, it's cool that you're making things. my family always made those cinnamon rolls when i was growing up -- i could use one right now actually ;-)



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