Wednesday, September 22

Crepe Temptations and Alcatraz - San Francisco

I love days like these where you don't have a plan and you just randomly yelp a lunch place. We made a rare trek into San Francisco for lunch in the Sunset district at Crepe Temptations. That man right there is a crepe master!

($6.75) Pulled pork with mozzarella, lettuce and BBQ sauce crepe. Man, this was so good. The pork itself, I've probably had better since this was a bit too mushy. But as a whole, the combo of melted mozzarella (you can choose American cheese instead) and everything else went together so well. I've never had a better savory crepe. And it was surprisingly filling.

($6.75) Philly Cheesesteak crepe. Phil loves his Phillies. He expressed the same joy over his crepe as I did over mine. Although this isn't suited to my taste buds, I could tell it was fresh, piping hot goodness.

($6.95) Customized ice cream crepe with mango ice cream, mangoes, strawberries, and nutella. I customized my crepe with all the above fixins' and was pleased to find the portion was pretty hefty and we could share it. The fruit was fresh, there was alot of ice cream and it was good, and like its predecessors - the two crepes befrore - the crepe itself was made with the perfect standard consistency of not too crispy but not too soft.

Afterwards, Phil surprised me with his Sunday plans for our anniversary. The first of which was a tour of Alcatraz Penitentiary. We took a short ferry ride to the island which reminded me of our ride to the Statue of Liberty in the sense that I was on the water headed towards a piece of American history.

Rows of cells and this ain't the kind you see in Excel...

Communal showers complete with prop bars of soap-not-on-a-rope. 0_o

The dining hall. In the kitchen, each knife has an outline in the cabinet so they know when a knife goes missing.

We paused the audio tours to check out the view.

Right outside the prison overlooking San Francisco Bay. Audio tours are so stylish!

Imagine if someone could see you everytime you did this.

I'm escaping!

Like prisonmates in the prison yard, we'll play jax and Uno cards...

I'm glad Phil planned this Alcatraz trip. I've always said I live so close to San Francisco but have never seen the tourist attractions. Going to a touristy place near your hometown really makes it feel like a staycation, not to mention we had a great lunch.

Crepe Temptations on Yelp
Alcatraz Information


  1. yay lets get crepes the next time you come to sf! :)

  2. Please take my crepe temptations stamp card if you do...thank you

  3. I'mma have to check this crepes place out when/if I can drag casey out to SF...You look so cute in the last picture! Your feet don't touch the ground! =P

  4. In my defense, those are extra large steps

  5. Rows of cells and this ain't the kind you see in Excel...

  6. @Shawn, You likes my flow eh? It seems you're not the only one who can rhyme...



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