Wednesday, December 9

Balsam Hill Tree Lot Christmas Event - Burlingame

This year is a year of brand new things for the blog as I begin to branch out to topics other than food. Among those things is how I gear up for my favorite holiday of the year, Christmas. I recently attended an exclusive blogger event by Balsam Hill Tree Lot in Burlingame for the opening of their show room. Balsam Hill makes high end artificial trees and they look so real! It was a fun filled and family oriented event. I brought my friend Tran along since I knew she loves home decor and she would appreciate all the things we would see.

We both signed up for the wreath decorating contest. We spent the first half of the event munching on snacks, drinking wine, and feasting our eyes on all the Christmas galore of the show room gathering inspiration.

These trees are so much lovelier than the $7 clearance tree I bought from Target one year and decided never to decorate my house again.

Ornament lane was filled with even more trees of all different shapes, sizes, and colors. They were decorated with even more options in colored lights and ornaments. Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit more than lights. Before the wreath decorating contest started, there was a raffle drawn where I won this cute white table top tree.

After gathering inspiration around the show room, we were given a quick demo by Brad Schmidt, an award winning decorator. He whipped this elegant wreath up in less than 30 minutes.

These were a few of the ornaments at our disposal to decorate the California Baby Redwood wreath.

Then it was Ready, Set, Decorate for 45 minutes!

Photos from Balsam Hill
Before the judges revealed the winning wreath, the children presented their own small wreaths. It was so cute!

I didn't win but I was still very proud of my wreath. Here it is!
Photos by Balsam Hill
My inspiration for the wreath was the color scheme of my house and what's trendy. The theme in my house is brown and blues against all our stark white walls. I thought the ornaments went well with the theme. The gold ribbons added a variety of texture to the wreath and a pop of color. Following the demonstration from Brad Schmidt, I made one big bow on top and two smaller ones at the bottom to balance. The silver leaves were sprinkled in to fill out the wreath. When it's plugged in with the white lights, the whole wreath just looks amazing in my house.

You can view more about this event on Balsam Hill's blog. Thanks again to Balsam Hills for this wonderful opportunity. It's a great brand with quality products and the tree lot has a family oriented environment. I also love that it's as close as Burlingame. Had a blast, hope to be invited back next year too!


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